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7 of the Best Banking Apps

Mobile banking due to its increasing convenience that it offers to customers is fast becoming one of the most popular banking tools. Mobile banking apps offer a lot of features that caters to a variety of the banking needs of clients. The apps are extremely useful for fraud alerts, payment of bills, creating budgets, transfer of money, viewing several accounts, mobile money deposits, checking account statements, and many other helpful tools and tips.

Presented below are 7 of the best banking apps.

  1. Chase Bank Mobile App: It has an easy to use and clear user interface and a host of features that make it one of the top 3 banking apps in terms of customer satisfaction. You can get text message account updates, verify deposits, transfer money securely through Zelle, and pay bills without any issues. The mobile wallet aspect can also be used to withdraw money from an ATM; thus you need not carry your ATM/debit card.
  2. Capital One Banking App: It is one of the best mobile banking apps that offers easy access to your bank account and helps keep a check on your financial status. The app is rated among the top 3 in terms of customer satisfaction. It can be used for payment of bills, secure money transfers, verification of credit score, locking cards that are lost or stolen, and make deposits, etc. Customers can track their expenses as notifications are sent for all purchases.
  3. Bank of America Banking App: It is the ideal mobile banking app for customers who are looking to take advantage of special deals and save money. Rewards garnered via the BOA credit card can be redeemed by customers via the app. A feature called ‘BankAmeriDeals’ allows clients to get cash back on their BOA debit and credit cards. Thus, all your savings from varied deals can get deposited in one place. In addition to such super saver deals and cash back offers, the app has several other fabulous features including customized notifications and alerts as well as card lock safeguard.
  4. Wells Fargo Banking Mobile App: Besides the usual facilities like payment of bills and viewing accounts, this banking app offers tap and pay via phone for varied purchases, tool for stock investments, and ATM access without the card. The app provides a code that has to be keyed in to the ATM to access it.
  5. Ally Banking Mobile App: Ally is a highly rated online banking firm that is looking to revolutionize the experience of mobile banking for customers. Its banking app can be used for getting the latest investment and market news, control expenses by customizing spending limits on debit cards, and securely transfer money, etc.
  6. Simple Banking Mobile App: This is the ideal banking app for good financial management, financial planning, budgeting, saving money, and timely bill payments, etc. Such financial prudence at your fingertips can help avoid unnecessary debt.
  7. PNC Banking Mobile App: The virtual wallet in this app helps in tracking your finances. You can check the bill due dates, the money saved in your account, your paydays, pay for purchases, and take out cash without a card, etc. One tool allows users to schedule bill payments near the paydays to prevent draining of funds from the account.

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