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High Interest Emergency Loans: 7 Alternatives You Should Know

In some cases emergency loans can be a great opportunity to save life but there are also some dangers. It is the easiest and quickest way, but it should be last choice because many people fall into an accrued debt pit. There are more better options getting out from troubles. Let’s check 7 alternatives to high interest emergency loans:

  1. Get some cash from selling some of your items
    Think a little bit and look for things that you own and can do without. Nowadays it is very easy to sell unnecessary items. You can post it on eBay or similar pages. Local Facebook’s groups are good places for selling too. Everyone spend hours scrolling newsfeed so people from your neighbourhood can see your selling posts and buy something without shipping cost. After that you will see how much useless things you have had in your house.
  2. Borrow money from family or friends
    If you have problem with money, getting a personal loan is one of the best way to get back on your feet. Family and friends are natural support and they will help you in most cases. Almost always they will not want any interest on it.
  3. Use your secret stash
    Many people has snitch money hidden in books or socks. Better option is to put all that money to saving account in your bank. Not only that it is safer, but bank pays you interest. If you do not have secret place or saving account let’s do it as soon as possible, but remember to not to touch this money until tight corner.
  4. Check if your employer can help you
    Many employers offers something like an emergency fund assistance. They will help you with many critical situations in which you can be found. If your company offers a fund, do not wait and fill your application as soon as possible. Mostly they accept it within the day or two.
  5. Visit pawn shops
    If you cannot sell personal items like jewellery or ancestral remembrance opt to pawn it instead selling. After getting out of troubles you can easily get it back. But you must pay attention where you spread your items. Pawn shops are covered by rules and regulations but some of them are ordinary miscreants.
  6. Combine several tips
    When you need more money you should combine various sources of getting emergency money. Borrow some cash from your family, use your secret stash and sell some stuff. If it is not enough you will have to borrow a fraction of the amount you need from lending company. Your interest payments will be much lesser and it will be easier to pay it off.
  7. Think before something happens
    The best way to dealing with problems is trying to afford getting into troubles. You should have enough saving to live a least one month without a job. That amount of money will help you in almost every trouble. You should also have insurance against diseases, death, flood or fire. But if it is not enough you can try one of previous ways to secure emergency money.

Difficult moments are part of everyones life. Everyone can face different problems but art is to getting out of troubles and live normal wihout getting wet.

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