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Mistakes to avoid when travelling overseas

Most of us like to travel and check out the awesome attractions around the world. Some travel with family or friends while there are many who travel alone. Most of things that we verify when travelling abroad are the plane tickets, lodging, food, tours, sights and sounds, and transportation, etc. We are especially careful about these things when we are travelling alone. But still we may end up making mistakes which can place the vacation in jeopardy.

Listed below are three classic mistakes that we make when travelling overseas.

  1. Selecting an incorrect prepaid card

Most travelers do not like using their credit or debit cards in a foreign nation. Hence, most of us tend to purchase a prepaid card and put in loads of money into it before embarking on a vacation to a foreign locale.

Most of us however fail to verify whether the prepaid card is valid for international use. In some cards, ‘for domestic use only’ is printed on the back of the card, while some others may not have any such indication. It is therefore important for travelers to check with the seller and find out whether or not the prepaid card can be used overseas, and in what countries. It is especially crucial to make sure that the card will be valid in the destination country.

Some sellers offer international use in their prepaid cards as an added feature. If it is available, then you should add that feature so as to be able to use it in the foreign country you are travelling to.

In case you think that you may use your credit card overseas, then get a travel rewards card. This way you will earn some great airline miles which you can use later for free air travel.

  1. Check beforehand if the mobile phone will work overseas

Another vital thing that travelers fail to do is to verify whether their mobile phone will work in the destination country. You can call up the service provider and switch to a temporary plan that allows international calls from the day of landing in that other country. If you do not do that then you will end up wasting lots of money trying to call the service provider from a foreign country to activate the international calling plan on your mobile phone.

A non-functioning phone can be a huge impediment to having a fabulous vacation. You may not be able to call a cab, check the internet for varied attractions, or call the hotel, etc.

It is also important to call the mobile service provider on the day before travelling and check if they will activate the international calling plan, the next day. Such diligence will help prevent any forgetfulness on part of the service provider.

  1. Ensure that your bank knows about your overseas trip

Not informing the bank about your foreign trip is one of the most common mistakes made by travelers. We mostly think that we will be using the prepaid card and cash in the foreign country and that credit/debit card use will be nil. However, there may arise unforeseen occasions when we may have to use our debit or credit card to make payments. Hence, it is better to be prepared for such occasions instead of being left high and dry.

If the bank does not know about your overseas travel, then any transaction in a foreign land may be deemed as fraud by the bank. It would subsequently put a stop to all the transactions on the card(s).

Also, if you fail to inform the bank beforehand, then you will need to call up the bank customer service to activate the card. Such calls from a foreign country can cost a lot of money which can be better spent enjoying the holiday.

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