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When Is It OK to Carry Credit Card Debt?

In our society being in debt is a nightmare. We try to avoid this kind of a situation, but sometimes we can’t due to multiple reasons – we want to buy something but we can’t afford it etc. What do we do then? Of course, we use our credit card and forget about our fears of being in the red while we shouldn’t have borrowed money in the first place. Some of us need a lesson on how to use a credit card, because we shouldn’t do it too often.


The most important factor that makes borrowing money on a credit card a bad idea is high interest rates. Usually, they are higher than 10%, which may come up as a real hindrance, due to the fact that we cannot predict the future – would it be nice to lose your job and still have to pay off your credit card? Nobody wants that, that’s why we generally avoid using our credit card when we need extra money. But there are times that we just can’t help to pay for something using our credit card. Is it a good idea?


You shouldn’t treat your credit card as a lender when you see a nice dress or want to eat dinner in a fancy restaurant – when you do so, you will need to pay off a lot more than the item or a service originally cost. It is better to save your card for an emergency – a situation in which there is no other (and cheaper) way out, for example running out of food and having no money in your pocket, losing your job while still having to pay your bills etc. It’s better to carry a debt than to be late with your monthly payment for utilities that may as well be disconnected. But remember – before you borrow money, you have to plan, how you are going to repay your loan.


There are many ways to get rid of your debt and live the normal life without carrying a balance. You can start to save money – for example spend less on little pleasures like buying new clothes or going to the cinema. Believe it or not, after few months you will see that you still have some extra money and there is nothing to worry about –you can pay off your credit card easily. Another option is to look for additional job – this way, you can earn a bit more. This will help you to make ends meet and at the same time be able to pay installments each month. You should definitely avoid taking out another loan to repay the previous one – this is not a solution.

Remember that credit card  should be treated as a life ring in very difficult situations that happen from time to time, not a tool that you use without thinking and planning each and every day. When you can’t afford something, you should look for other way outs. Being in debt ought to be your last choice.

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